The 2020, What to Buy the Hot Rod Farmer in Your Life Christmas Gift Guide.

The 2020, What to Buy the Hot Rod Farmer in Your Life Christmas Gift Guide.

December 7, 2020 2 By Ray Bohacz

It is that time of year.  What do you get for that special hot rod farmer on your Christmas list?

Well… the Farm Machinery Digest will come to the rescue again with our third annual list of items that are sure to please that special motorhead!

My suggestions range from stocking stuffers to well… a lot more than that!

Though all are quality products, l recommend that you use my list as a trigger to identify a category or type of gift.

For example, I may suggest a shop vacuum of a certain brand but you may find one that you think the recipient will like better, is easier for you to locate, or at a different price point. Then GO FOR IT!

I produce this gift guide to help steer you to presents that will bring joy to the heart of your hot rod farmer and have them think of you every time they use it.

A few more things before you go shopping!

Please explore the links to the 2018 and 2019 gift guides also. Everything there is just as desirable today. The prices may have changed a little or the model number, but that is all.

Since I am talking about pricing, please understand that if you do a little shopping there is an excellent possibility that you will find the item for less than I have listed here. Use the price I list as a guide for your level of investment, nothing more.

Do not forget to listen to the accompanying podcast where I explain the value of each gift suggestion.

Also, when Christmas 2020 is over, the gift selection article and podcast are archived on the FMD website. These are excellent items for any special occasion.

May you have a blessed Christmas along with a healthy and prosperous 2021! Ray… the Hot Rod Farmer!

1. Power Probe Tek Maestro PPMO1AS: $306.00

2.  FLIR TG 165 thermal imaging camera: $299.00

The FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera bridges the gap between single spot infrared thermometers and expensive thermal cameras. Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal sensor, this camera lets you see the heat profile of the entire component. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting. It store images and data for future reference.

3. Goodson demagnetizer SPD-46 and field indicator MFI-10010: $100.00/ $80.00

Heat, friction, and magnetic particle inspection can cause residual magnetism to build up in engine components and other farm equipment. If not removed, it will attract ferrous materials in engine lubrication and may cause premature engine failure.

The companion field indicator is used to identify magnetism and confirm that it has been eliminated.

4. Goodson magnetic finger RW-MAG: $10.00

Anyone who has ever worked on machinery has dropped a nut or bolt in an area that you can only reach with the tip of your finger… your wish has come true. The magnetic finger is one size fits all and is something that should have been invented 100 years ago.

An inexpensive stocking stuffer that the recipient will love.

5. Sunnen press fit lubricant B-200L: $25.00

There are many times when a part needs to be pressed (interference fit) together. Often this task is met with galling of the parts and issues with the two fully seating. This dedicated lubricant will not only make the job quicker but will prevent damage, insuring a proper and professional repair.

6. Cojali Jaltest Agriculture and Farm Diagnostic Tool: $5,495.00

The agriculture industry needs dealer level diagnostics without calling dealerships, and this tool delivers exactly that.

You can now perform the same diagnostic commands on all farm equipment and run commands such as DPF regens, injector programming, disable de-rate/latched code conditions, and tens of thousands more.

This tool as I understand, will only work on the engine controller and not ancillary systems such as a combine header, etc.

7. ATD-40-gallon parts washer 8527-02: $335.00

Even if the farm shop is already equipped with a parts washer, this well-made and inexpensive version would be welcomed as an auxiliary system. Many have a dedicated washing system so that cross contamination does not occur on delicate parts.

8: Black Ox pin gauge set: $40.00 to $100.00

Used to measure round holes accurately, this tool is a must have in every farm shop. Sets vary in size and the level of accuracy. For the farm, a basic set is all that is required and costs around $40.00.

9. Goodson DFL-810 Maxxeon Workstar Cyclops light: $30.00

Fitted with a magnetic base this rechargeable light (charger included) will illuminate your work area for 4.5 hours with a round flood beam pattern from its LED bulbs. Stuff it in that stocking!

10. Big Ass Tire Step: $275.00

This is a product unique to David’s Heavy-Duty Tools. The USA made tire step makes working on a truck so much easier and safer. It will also fit some front tractor tires.

11. OTC 5025 DEF refractometer: $75.00

Most are accustomed to using a refractometer to check engine coolant condition or look for sugar content in plant samples. This unit is calibrated to check diesel exhaust fluid. It is an essential tool if you have any Tier 4 engines that employs a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), especially if you purchase bulk DEF.

12. DeWalt DCC2560T1 FlexVolt 60v 2.5-gallon cordless compressor: $299

I have experience with the DeWalt FlexVolt system and their 60v battery and all I can say is…  it is phenomenal. This very portable compressor welcomes being used in remote locations and even in the shop.

13. Drill Doctor 750X drill bit sharpener: $137.00

There are few things worse than a dull drill bit. It turns a simple task into a nightmare. With the versatility of the 750X, a bit that is not sharp will be a distant memory.

14. Bondhus 20899 inch/metric ball end L-shaped driver: $25.00

Bondhus is known for the highest quality American-made tools. This wrench set is a perfect stocking stuffer that will come in very handy for the hotrod farmer you give it to!

15. Lock-N-Lube LNL-210 grease gun fitting set: $70.00

Farm equipment needs to be greased often for long life and  the task can be frustrating due to the fitting from the gun not staying on the zerk. This locking fitting set will be praised with every pump of the grease gun. The end will stay on the zerk and put the grease where it belongs.

16. Trailer Terminal Plug Cleaner #8025 from Innovative Products of America: $49.00

Trailer wiring harness are exposed to all the elements and often suffer from a poor connection to the tow vehicle. This is a great stocking stuffer that will not only make your hotrod farmer happy… but the DOT inspector too!

17. Esco 2408 Tire Changer: $605.00

This tool makes tire changes safe and easy!