I cannot wait each week to listen to the podcast and really enjoy On the Road. A couple ideas for future episodes and test drives:

Everything you need to know about 2 cycle engines… fuel mixture, best fuel mix, best practices for storing, and tuning the carburetor.  How to avoid after a wind storm and the chainsaw does not start when you need it?

Road test… anyway to pull a bumper trailer with a lot of weight on it like a skid steer?  Some of these pickups have anti-sway and wonder how well that works.

Episode on governors… My son got his first tractor a couple months ago a JD 4440 and it does not sound good at idle but runs great when working.  I did some reading on the internet and sounds like the JD 4440 has this issue.  I plan to record the sound of it idling in the next few weeks and emailing to you for your thoughts.  It sounds like the governor is part of the fuel injection pump but without being able to see a diagram am not sure on how this works on a 1982 tractor.

Test Drive… the last two pickups we had rust was an issue and they had less than 100K miles on them.  Very frustrating and we tried to wash them the best we can given our Minnesota winters.  We now have a Ford made out of aluminum but know the frame is still metal.  Anyway when evaluating these vehicles to evaluate their susceptibility to rust?

Keep up the great work on the podcasts and thank you for all your contributions to the agriculture community.

Mike Werner, Caledonia, MN

I found you on XM radio. I don’t mind if you give my name, it may show your listeners the expanse of your audience. I’m a logging contractor, not a farmer, but I’m in a rural community and we have quite a few small family farms in my area. I grew up working for a farmer about a mile from my home. He had 400 layers and a 2-day-a-week egg route (that’s how old I am) and grew flint corn for meal. All the corn was handpicked every fall by the local school kids for 25 cents a bushel. Dried on the cob for a almost a year then ground in a water-powered grist mill in Clarks Falls Ct. Sorry to carry on so long.

Keep up the good work on your program. Farm or forest, the info is always helpful.

Best wishes,

Jeff Henderson

Mr. Bohacz, I just learned of your podcast. I worked with Larry Butler and helped him with his show every now and then. I also worked with NRCS for 37 years as a range specialist. I ranch in central Texas and share the passion for the conservation business. It is very refreshing to hear your “pearls of wisdom”. I also have the older tractors and trucks and enjoy your sharing of the engine and motor issues.

Thank you,

Kent Ferguson

This is an awesome site/page. Very educational on so many aspects of machinery and much more.

Thank you.

Gus Ingoldsby

Congratulations on your new radio show coming in the new year. I am responsible for maintenance and repairs of our farm equipment. Thank you for the inspiration to care for and maintain equipment to high standards. I have just recently sent oil samples in, which is a new practice for us. I hope it helps to better maintain the fleet, and makes better maintenance and repair decisions. I’m also inspired to do better diagnostic work than we previously have been doing. Does the power probe from your Christmas list come with any kind of training information? I currently have a multimeter and amp clamp…just looking for another tool to help with diagnostic work. Thank you.

Jon of Elmido Farms, Canada

I find great pleasure in studying and following your work – most informative and obviously sprouting from the hand of a professional who cares about the mechanical well-being of your machine or engine, all other parts of the total outfit, VERY close to his Heart. Thank you kindly. Take immense heed of your comments, advice…

Kobus du Toit Bosman

I just want to say how much I enjoy your show. I have been a listener since the beginning. Your show on stress relieving is spot on. I am a huge proponent of the process. Years ago I had a 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T pickup that warped rotors on a regular basis. I would then go to the dealer and buy new rotors. This was getting ridiculous. I had read an article you wrote about stress relieving. So I found a company that freezes rotors. Sent them a new pair and never had an issue again. This is not magic, it’s proven science. Anyone who is building an engine or has issues with warped rotors, get the parts stress relieved. Thank you.

Gene Werst, Las Vegas, NV

I have been listening for a few years and I have learned a great deal from your program. My background is in grain farming in western Canada, materials engineering and inspection/preventative maintenance of pressure vessels in the oil field. I enjoy your program a lot. The most crucial piece of information I learned was cryogenic metal treatment. I spent 2 years studying metallurgy that was never touched on anywhere in college 15 years ago. I had to open my books and study how the properties of metallurgy work now that I am dipping some items in liquid nitrogen. Fascinating stuff! Thanks!

Matt Heatcoat

Ray, we farm at two different locations over 100 miles apart and I have spent most of my time at the ranch over the last month.  I enjoy listening to your podcast on my drive over the Coquihalla Highway to our second farm, and I’m always intently listening to glean information and knowledge. On our family farms it is my responsibility to look after all of our machinery, so the knowledge you share it used daily. 

Jonathan Aarts, BC

I am a 30 year old, 6th generation farmer from Alvo, NE. I farm with my two great uncles and we pride ourselves on maintaining and repairing our own machinery. We raise corn, soybeans, and wheat. I heard you first on the Farm for Profit podcast. I am learning every time I listen. 

Shane Hennessy, Burr Feeds LLC.

Ray, I wanted to get you another pin for the map. I listen from Lancaster PA, and I live about 15 minutes north of Steve Groff. Thanks for keeping on investing time in the podcast and producing them. As a young beginning farmer and one who loves mechanical things, I appreciate hearing all the wisdom you and your guests have to offer.

Evan Shertzer

I don’t know if you remember me from the Commodity Classic in Orlando in 2019.  I enjoy listening to your new XM radio show in addition to your podcasts.  Whenever I hear your voice I think of sweet corn.  Thanks for your programs. Look me up when you and your wife are in Nebraska. 

Duane Kimball

Hi Ray, I’m not a farmer but I’m a rabid fan of the podcast and hope I’m worthy of a pin on your map. I live in Center Barnstead New Hampshire which is in Belknap County.  Keep up the good work!  I have enjoyed every episode. Thanks.

Bruce Jakubauska

Hello Ray. My name is Russell Orr, and our family farms rice and soybeans in Grayridge, MO. I always find your podcasts very informative and entertaining. Our tractors, combine, sprayer, and some pickup trucks are 10-20 years old. The knowledge you’ve shared has been valuable beyond words. Thank you for what you do, and I look foreword to listening more soon!

Russell Orr

I listen to you from two locations. The first location is Alpine, TX, just North of Big Bend National Park in West Texas. The second location when I’m at the family ranch/farm in Oregon, I am located at New Pine Creek, OR, which is 18 miles South of Lakeview, OR. New Pine Creek is on the California/Oregon State line, about 15 miles from Nevada. I enjoy listening to your Rural Radio broadcasts and your website.  Lots of useful information.
Thanks and Best Wishes.

Keith L. Sternes, PhD, MT

Hello Mr. Bohacz,

I am a longtime fan of yours from Hemmings Muscle Machines going back to 2005.  I have a lot of respect for you for many reasons, your faith in God, your patriotism, your traditional values, and how you so willingly share your knowledge with others.

I stopped renewing my subscription to Muscle Machines around 2012.  For all the years since that time, I would occasionally wonder what your opinion would be on whatever automotive project I was undertaking.  In the last year or so, my questions or solicitations to you have changed so much.  Though I would still love to have many different conversations with you regarding engine tuning, overheating issues, advice on engine swaps, etc., what I would most like to talk to you about is our wonderful country, and how it is being demolished.

As much as your knowledge and experience have impressed me, your patriotism always left an impression on me.  Today I went back to a Muscle Machines magazine to get the correct spelling of your last name and I did an internet search using your name.  I found your Hot Rod Farmer podcasts and listened to “How small engines can make big power” podcast.  I thought it was excellent and I can’t wait to hear it again but in the company of our younger son (16 years old).  He will enjoy your explanations and I think the illustrations will go a long way in helping him understand the technologies you describe.

By chance, do you have a podcast where you discuss some of the issues of the day or comment on the state of our country, faith, etc.?  I would love to read or hear you comments and observation on some of the critical issues that we’re dealing with today in our beloved United States of America.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with so many people.  Please place a map pin on Tempe, Arizona.  You have at least one (probably many more) friend there.

Peter Martinez, Tempe Arizona

My name is Marshall Haase, I’m 40 years old and I just wanted to write and tell you how thankful I am to have come across your podcast. I originally hail from Michigan but have been in Truckee, California for about 20 years off and on. I came out to work the ski resorts. I grew up near a 150 foot vertical resort and started working there very young making snow and operating equipment, so naturally I had to learn to fix equipment! Now I am into hot rods and motorcycles and I listen to your show when I wrench. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love for people and things. I find myself wiping a tear now and then from listening to your sentiments, they are so heartfelt. 

Marshall Haase

Hi Ray, I have been listening to your show for only about a year.  It’s become one of my favorite shows on Sirius XM and I set a reminder on my phone so I don’t miss a show.  I reside in Ossining, NY although I’m originally from Indiana – and I have lived many places in the US and abroad up to this point.  Now I’m a mild mannered forensic accountant, and quite envious of anyone who lives a more rural lifestyle than me.  In my misspent youth, I was an aircraft mechanic in the Marines so I quite enjoy your show.  You do such a wonderful job explaining mechanical concepts accurately and so experts and laypersons will enjoy.  I’ve got my sister listening to the show now as well, and we agree that it really should be a one hour show – 30 minutes just isn’t enough!  Keep up the great work!

Patrick McGowan

Hey Ray, I appreciate your podcast, the Hot Rod Farmer. It’s a blessing to be able to listen to you while at work. I am welder from Norway, and love engine mechanics and physics. My girlfriend is a dragracer, and she has two sisters that also drag race, so naturally the team are named Sisters Racing (they are on Facebook).

One of the sisters drives a Supercomp (et 8.90) dragster, which runs on methanol. Therefore I am wondering if you could have a podcast about the combustion differences from different fuels (e95, e100, methanol and nitrous etc…) and how engines are customized for different fuels (like ignition timing and injection). Best regards

Frank Ellefsen, Norway

I live in rural Alaska, off the road system. I enjoy your podcast and thank you for discussing subjects that I don’t fully understand, in a detailed way. I always finish the podcast with something learned that helps me to succeed both in mechanical maintenance and life.

Jake, Naknek Alaska

Hey Ray, just started listening to your episode on ohms law and thought I’d take a minute to help you update your map. I live near Atwood Ontario on a farm. Really enjoy listening to the podcast while doing chores. I’m not great with mechanics in general, so really appreciate how you explain topics at a level that I can learn from. Regards,

Geoff McMullen

Boy I’m so glad for your program. I just wish you had an hour program like my old heroes from CarTalk

Michael Pearson
Truck driver
Charlotte Court House, Virginia

Dear Mr. Bohacz,

I am writing you today to thank you for your podcast, Idle Chatter. I listen to every episode as it comes out. I especially admire the way you explain each topic and principle in such a way that a person with very limited prior learning and experience can understand, and yet find a way to go in depth enough that even someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject can learn something.

My name is Derek Schmucker. I am 22 years old. I live near Hutchinson Kansas and work for a local farmer as well as run a small herd of cattle on my own. The knowledge shared on the podcast is very beneficial to both my job as well as my own  operation. If you would like, you may add me to your pin map.

The other reason I am writing you is to suggest a correction to a recent show. It was the show that you were speaking about cold starting engines, in which you said there are no fuel injected chain saws. With all due respect, the first electronic fuel injected chain saw exists and is being sold today by Stihl as the model 500i.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience, and especially for not being shy about your faith. As a fellow Christian, I commend you and encourage you to continue to be a faithful witness to our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Best Regards,  Derek Schmucker, Hutchinson, Kansas


Quick note to commend you for producing such an educational and enjoyable podcast. Found the podcast by anecdote in one of your Hemmings Muscle Machine Ask Ray columns.

I am not a farmer nor really much of a hotrodder.  Mostly stick to straight stock maintenance and repairs (although worked for a high performance transmission/driveline shop for several years). I have lived in Colorado Springs, CO now for 20 years, but grew up in Long Branch NJ (my dad ran a Getty station / repair shop on Main St in Asbury Park in the 70’s). 

I appreciate your willingness to share your insight and wisdom.  I look forward to catching up on the past couple year’s worth of episodes and all future ones. Best wishes to you and family. 

God Bless with Best Regards,

Mike Chesire

Wow, I thought your response would take several days at least! That doesn’t begin to compliment you on the length and quality of your response, truly a rare occurrence in this age.

I drive for A&R Transport (now, after 25 years of name recognition is Quantix, idiots) and drive a company Peterbilt with a PACCAR motor. The company pays for the fuel but after filling up I have to deal with 500 miles on garbage fuel that makes the truck slow down when it sees a hill coming up! We used to call them dragon flies, dragging up a grade and fly down the other side. As you know, with no compression available the Jake brake is impotent and I have to use the brakes. The motor is better than I expected and does a decent job with the right fuel and handles downgrades well in stage 3 at the correct speed. We haul plastic resin pellets and our customers range from automotive, medical to food packaging primarily. We are always at gross weight when loaded. 

I have been in all 48 states except Maine and we have a terminal in Philly that I’ve been to many times. I’m going to retire in January and I can’t wait to be rid of the ‘modern’ batch of truck drivers who are so narcissistic it’s driving me crazy. Gone are the days of drivers looking out for each other.

I must say it was quite a surprise to hear a thick Jersey accent on Ag PHD podcast but when you were nailing your passion I was absolutely blown away! I had to try to get in touch with you asap. 

I am also a believer and I join you in prayer for this troubled country. 

I’ll search your podcasts for more educational information and again, I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond responding to me. 

God bless, Mark Bray