Mechanical treasures

Mechanical treasures

August 7, 2018 2 By Ray Bohacz

from a news anchor, a welder, restoration & performance enthusiasts and a former ’59 Edsel owner.


Mark Oppold, the news anchor from RFD-TV. This is Mark as a young farm broadcaster on a farm tour.





Vic Moore and his essential welding tools in his garage “shop”.


1940 Chevy TruckAllen Hickerson has another project to work on – a 1940 Chevy Truck. His daughter will be old enough to drive in three years and they have been looking for a project truck to build for her to drive to high school. Allen will send another picture three years from now!




Strange choice for Baja. It probably needs to be in a museum, as the only Edsel race car ever!





Gene Werst writes: “These are my two babies. The Red Firebird is a 1989 Firebird Formula 350. I’ve had it since new. Ordered on 2/14/89 and and picked it up on 3/27/89. It has original paint, interior and wheels, but everything else is modified.

The white car is a 2018 Mustang GT. It too, is a special-ordered car. I picked it up on 4/17/18. National Mustang Day! That bicycle in the background was given to me when I was 12, I’m 58 now.”

I also want to share with you what’s also in my garage. It’s my toolbox.
The toolbox is a Craftsman that has been with me since 1988, the start of my automotive career. I purchased it in Hicksville NY, on Long Island. I didn’t have a truck to bring it home, I had a 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado, and it fit in the trunk and back seat. A true $100.00 car. Wish I still had it, a 455 and a turbo 400 trans.
I have so many memories going to Sears and walking up and down the aisles seeking that next great tool. Having coffee afterwards, showing off my latest treasure to my friends. It was such a simple time back then. All I had to do was work and buy tools. When I started working at Silver Star, Snap-on replaced Craftsman. Nothing I own is as special as my toolbox. It provided me a career, hobby and memories of my best friend. I am looking to that next great tool.