Farm Machinery Digest Workshops


To educate the American farmer on a varied group of machinery related topics and procedures with the goal of a reduction in repairs, failures, and downtime. This will result in wiser decisions that will yield a positive impact on the operation’s success.

There are three legs to the profitability stool of the farm: yield, marketing, machinery. Inefficiency and poor decisions in any one of these areas has the same result —— evaporated profits. Invest some time with me and enjoy a lifetime of tangible financial gain.

All Farm Machinery Digest Workshops are FREE to the attendees.

My heart and soul are with the American farmer and my sincere desire is to support them in the only way that I can. That is through education on mechanical functions and electronic circuits.




Lecture, discussion, and hands-on at the attendee’s seat. PowerPoint will be used.


Requirements of those that attend:

A willingness to be open to an entirely new thought process regarding all farm machinery service, repair and purchase decisions; a desire to learn how to make your operation more profitable; a willingness to institute the practices represented that apply to your operation. Each attendee MUST bring with them a positive attitude and for some workshops, a working digital volt/ohm meter. Resistors, potentiometers, diodes, etc. will be supplied.


What you should expect from me:

Delivery of the subject matter in an interesting and practical manner that is not focused on impressing you but instead, impacting your farm’s profitability. I will not try to make you an engineer, but an educated farmer.




Course #1:

Length: Full-day (6 to 7 hours based on attendee questions)


  • Understanding the four-strokes of an engine and Tier IV emission controls
  • A farmer’s guide to diesel fuel
  • Why you should use fluid analysis
  • Unknown drive belt service tips
  • How an engine is cooled and proper diagnostic steps
  • The importance of ground circuits on modern (and old) farm equipment
  • Understanding pulse width modulated circuits such as the Case/IH AIM Command found on the Patriot sprayer
  • Turbocharger basics…. What you need to know
  • Easily determine an engine’s health through a leakdown test
  • How to use a digital volt/ohm meter (understanding it’s settings and function)
  • The basics of electrical circuits: analog, digital, sine waves, square waves
  • How to check a circuit, resistor, diode and potentiometer
  • Understanding sensors, actuators and relays
  • How to follow an electrical circuit diagnostic routine from a shop manual
  • Real examples of how poor/incorrect decisions in the shop impact the farm’s bottom-line
  • Interaction and questions from the attendees



Course #2:   Taking an analytical approach to machinery maintenance

Length: 3 hours


  • The need to properly treat diesel fuel
  • Why fluid analysis should be part of your maintenance program
  • The importance of ground circuits in modern farm equipment
  • Financial impact analysis of poor in-shop practices



Course #3:   Understanding Tier 4 diesel emissions control

Length: 3 hours


  • An explanation of diesel emissions and how they are created
  • Understanding the function of each component in the Tier 4 system
  • Simple steps and procedures to limit downtime and expense



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