I cannot wait each week to listen to the podcast and really enjoy On the Road. A couple ideas for future episodes and test drives:

Everything you need to know about 2 cycle engines… fuel mixture, best fuel mix, best practices for storing, and tuning the carburetor.  How to avoid after a wind storm and the chainsaw does not start when you need it?

Road test… anyway to pull a bumper trailer with a lot of weight on it like a skid steer?  Some of these pickups have anti-sway and wonder how well that works.

Episode on governors… My son got his first tractor a couple months ago a JD 4440 and it does not sound good at idle but runs great when working.  I did some reading on the internet and sounds like the JD 4440 has this issue.  I plan to record the sound of it idling in the next few weeks and emailing to you for your thoughts.  It sounds like the governor is part of the fuel injection pump but without being able to see a diagram am not sure on how this works on a 1982 tractor.

Test Drive… the last two pickups we had rust was an issue and they had less than 100K miles on them.  Very frustrating and we tried to wash them the best we can given our Minnesota winters.  We now have a Ford made out of aluminum but know the frame is still metal.  Anyway when evaluating these vehicles to evaluate their susceptibility to rust?

Keep up the great work on the podcasts and thank you for all your contributions to the agriculture community.

Mike Werner, Caledonia, MN

I found you on XM radio. I don’t mind if you give my name, it may show your listeners the expanse of your audience. I’m a logging contractor, not a farmer, but I’m in a rural community and we have quite a few small family farms in my area. I grew up working for a farmer about a mile from my home. He had 400 layers and a 2-day-a-week egg route (that’s how old I am) and grew flint corn for meal. All the corn was handpicked every fall by the local school kids for 25 cents a bushel. Dried on the cob for a almost a year then ground in a water-powered grist mill in Clarks Falls Ct. Sorry to carry on so long.

Keep up the good work on your program. Farm or forest, the info is always helpful.

Best wishes,

Jeff Henderson

Mr. Bohacz, I just learned of your podcast. I worked with Larry Butler and helped him with his show every now and then. I also worked with NRCS for 37 years as a range specialist. I ranch in central Texas and share the passion for the conservation business. It is very refreshing to hear your “pearls of wisdom”. I also have the older tractors and trucks and enjoy your sharing of the engine and motor issues.

Thank you,

Kent Ferguson

This is an awesome site/page. Very educational on so many aspects of machinery and much more.

Thank you.

Gus Ingoldsby

Congratulations on your new radio show coming in the new year. I am responsible for maintenance and repairs of our farm equipment. Thank you for the inspiration to care for and maintain equipment to high standards. I have just recently sent oil samples in, which is a new practice for us. I hope it helps to better maintain the fleet, and makes better maintenance and repair decisions. I’m also inspired to do better diagnostic work than we previously have been doing. Does the power probe from your Christmas list come with any kind of training information? I currently have a multimeter and amp clamp…just looking for another tool to help with diagnostic work. Thank you.

Jon of Elmido Farms, Canada

I just discovered your website today and I’d like to thank you for your great sharing of knowledge. I look forward to continually learning more as it will be very helpful everyday in the running of the farm.

Jon Aarts

I find great pleasure in studying and following your work – most informative and obviously sprouting from the hand of a professional who cares about the mechanical well-being of your machine or engine, all other parts of the total outfit, VERY close to his Heart. Thank you kindly. Take immense heed of your comments, advice…

Kobus du Toit Bosman

I just want to say how much I enjoy your show. I have been a listener since the beginning. Your show on stress relieving is spot on. I am a huge proponent of the process. Years ago I had a 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T pickup that warped rotors on a regular basis. I would then go to the dealer and buy new rotors. This was getting ridiculous. I had read an article you wrote about stress relieving. So I found a company that freezes rotors. Sent them a new pair and never had an issue again. This is not magic, it’s proven science. Anyone who is building an engine or has issues with warped rotors, get the parts stress relieved. Thank you.

Gene Werst, Las Vegas, NV

I have been listening for a few years and I have learned a great deal from your program. My background is in grain farming in western Canada, materials engineering and inspection/preventative maintenance of pressure vessels in the oil field. I enjoy your program a lot. The most crucial piece of information I learned was cryogenic metal treatment. I spent 2 years studying metallurgy that was never touched on anywhere in college 15 years ago. I had to open my books and study how the properties of metallurgy work now that I am dipping some items in liquid nitrogen. Fascinating stuff! Thanks!

Matt Heatcoat