What is in YOUR machinery shed?

A shed holds many mechanical treasures… the pride of something brand new or an “old friend” that you have spent many years with.

If any machine, implement, tool, or “toy” holds a special place in your heart, I want it here!

It may be a motorcycle, airplane, welder, toolbox, pick-up truck, combine, planter, car, boat, tractor, etc. It can be brand new, an antique, or anything in-between. If it means something to you, it means something to me!

If possible include you and your family in the photo and send it to 


My country tis of thee

The roots of love and sacrifice for our country run deep in rural America. Please share patriotic inspired pictures from your farm or town and of those that serve so proudly in our military.

It can be a flag in a corn field, a small-town memorial, a bumper sticker on a muddy truck, etc. If it evokes emotion in you when you see it, then it needs to be here.

Just email them to 


All God’s creatures

The Scriptures tells us that God loves his entire creation. It would not be a farm without animals! Send pictures of the animals that share your heart and farm with your family (both domestic and wild!). Please email them to 


(I reserve the right to not use an image that does not meet my standards or I deem inappropriate.)