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The half-hour show airs every Saturday at 11:00 am EST with an encore Sunday, at 6:00 pm EST.  

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Welcome to YOUR Website!


My name is Ray Bohacz, and I know that success on the farm is a three-legged stool: agronomy, business, and machinery. I have always believed and life has taught me, that great judgement in the first two areas can quickly be evaporated by poor decisions in the farm shop in regard to maintenance and repair.


For your farm or ranch to be profitable, it needs to be recognized that it is not the revenue that you generate but rather, the income that you keep. I want your yield bump and business savvy reinvested to bring more value to you the next harvest season, and not consumed by your equipment.


For this reason, I have created the Farm Machinery Digest website and Idle Chatter podcast. It is a means for me to transfer knowledge to you about all aspects of the equipment that is employed in modern production agriculture. It is a grease under your fingernails, no nonsense website dedicated to the education and success of American agriculture… it is YOUR website. I am only the caretaker of it!


Many of you may be familiar with my name since I am a technical writer in both the automotive and agriculture industries. I have been featured in more than forty-four different magazine titles and have over 3,000 published technical articles, authored three books, and have delivered countless seminars to the two communities.


You can also read me in Successful Farming magazine every month and watch me on their hit TV show, as The Engine Man.


I am a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, The American Society of Materials, The International Motor Press Association, the Farm Bureau, and the Pennsylvania No-Till Association but more importantly, I AM A FARMER!


We have a small fresh-market sweet corn operation on the land that my family has owned since 1954, in Warren County, New Jersey.


Some call me The Hot Rod Farmer because for many years I also built drag race engines. That is why my podcast logo has an illustration of a hopped-up farm tractor smoking the tires and the opening features the sound of a drag race engine making a pass down the track.





Explore YOUR website

The website is chock-full of information and I hope that it becomes a continual resource for you.

Click on, Farm Machinery Digest: Where Steel and Soil Meet, to see images of the different topics I will be covering.


An overview of the tabs:

Flags Across the Harvest: My monthly editorial column.

Idle Chatter: My weekly podcast.

Toolbox Test: Every month you will be able to test your machinery knowledge with a short, five question multiple choice quiz. See how you do!

Under the Learn tab you will find:

Learning Series: Magazine-style technical articles on a wide range of topics.

Lecture Hall Series: These are audio recordings of technical articles so that you can listen and learn when you are on the go, in the field, or in the farm shop. Each is approximately four to five minutes in length.

Getting to know… These are application specific articles on a certain brand of equipment. Here you will also find factory tour primers and other important information.

Workshops: A listing of my workshops that are free to the attendees.


There is more!

Under the Community tab you will find a place to send me images of your favorite equipment or tool; share patriotic scenes from your community and pictures of those that serve our nation. Also, a section for images of animals that share your farm and life with you. As you may have gleaned, I am passionate about all three!

The Video tab connects to poignant, inspirational, and thought-provoking links that will either center your thoughts on a trying day or tug at your heartstrings. They are all worth the few minutes to watch.

In closing, it is my purest desire to make your farm or ranch more profitable but to also inspire a young person to pursue an education in engineering, mathematics, or science.

The values and work ethic that are the core of American agriculture are fertile ground to propel someone, regardless of how rural or remote their home may be, to change the world for the better in countless ways. Though prayer, education, passion, and hard work we will make America and her farms great again!


Have a blessed day,