What to get the hot rod farmer in your life for Christmas

What to get the hot rod farmer in your life for Christmas

November 30, 2022 0 By Ray Bohacz

Please use this buyer’s guide in conjunction with my podcast by the same name. There I will explain the value of each tool and why it a must have for your hot rod farmer.

Though all of the items listed would make a wonderful gift, use them as a catalyst for ideas. For example, you may find something similar that would be a better choice for your hot rod farmer, at a lower price point, or easier to obtain. Also shop around. The prices I listed are the suggested retail.

Due to the volatility of today’s marketplace and supply issues, these tools are all available at the time of this guide being posted. That may change when you go shopping.

Have a blessed Christmas and 2023!


Gift ideas:

1. Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor Venom

Used to directly heat objects such as bolts, nuts, studs, brackets, etc. without heating the surrounding area. $599.00

2. Fluke meter or kit #88-5

This is the industry standard, made in USA test instrument, that will allow diagnostics on almost any circuit on a modern vehicle or farm machine. $500.39 (meter only), $630.00 (kit)

3. AES Wave U-scope Master Kit

This single channel hand-held scope can be employed to check an electrical circuit on a vehicle or farm machine. It will show a “picture” of the circuit’s response. $429.00

4. Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Master Kit

This buffer is safe to use on all paint and will make polishing and waxing even the largest combine an easy task. $364.00

5. Lisle Radiator Fill Kit #24680

With this tool, coolant service and filling becomes enjoyable, and not an exercise in making a mess all over the shop floor. $47.25

6. Goodson Torque Angle Gauge

Many modern bolts require this tool to tighten properly. The fastener is first tightened to specification and then rotated a set amount of degrees. $24.99

7. Goodson Oil filter Inspection Tool

Cutting filters apart to inspect for foreign material is safe, easy and quick with this essential tool. $59.99

8. Goodson Dowell Pin Remover Kit

Dowell pins can be frustrating to remove and if damaged in the process, may require a trip to town to find a replacement, if they have one. This kit solves that problem. $419.99

9. Goodson Spark Plug Chaser

A true rescue tool, not one that is used every day, but when you need it you are so glad that it is in your toolbox! $118.99

10. Goodson Electronic Internal Digital Caliper

Taking internal measurements are a joy with this simple tool and will end the frustration of guessing on a hole or passage size. $62.99

11. DeWalt Flex Volt 60V Max Grinder Kit

All excellent gift ideas. $380.00

12. Lisle Magnetic Soldering Clamp

End the aggravation of trying to hold two wires, the soldering gun and the solder at the same time! A must for every tool box! $21.95

13. Lisle Test Probe Kit

Use this essential kit to connect with sensitive circuitry on modern vehicles and farm equipment without violating the wire. $99.00

14. Steelman Chassis Ears Kit

Click on “automotive”. $102.00

15. HEC Hose End Chamber

This simple device protects “at rest” hydraulic systems on implements and attachments and then allows an easy coupling. The HEC eliminates thermal expansion of the fluid that stresses the hydraulic system. From $45-$75.

16. M/E Wagner Performance Adjustable PCV Valve

End the frustration of poor carburetor performance, oil leaks and contamination of the crankcase in older engines with this PCV valve. $129.00

17. G&G Technics Harmonic Balancer Remover

Used on late model engines found in American cars and light trucks to remove the harmonic damper without taking out the radiator. A wonderful time saver! $165.00

18. TorqStorm Supercharger Kit

Supercharge your hot rod farmer with this power adder kit for their hot rod! Let them bolt on some horses for 2023! $3,000.00

19. Innovate Air/ Fuel Ratio Meters for Gasoline or Diesel Engines

Used as either a teaching tool or for diagnostics, these meter kits read the air/fuel ratio the engine is seeing.

$170.00 to $400.00

(Note: We know prices change a lot this time of year, so click the link for each item to see if the price has shifted from what’s listed.)