On the Road to Kurt and Mary Alstede.

On the Road to Kurt and Mary Alstede.

March 6, 2023 2 By Ray Bohacz

The trials and tears of life have done little to diminish this family’s faith in the Lord and their passion for agriculture.  What began more than 40 years ago when a high school boy got a job picking apples, has led to an 800-acre fruit and vegetable farm in the shadow of New York City. A must listen story of grit, determination, and hope… when all looked lost.

The entire Alstede family participates in the operation of the farm and is part of the farm’s succession for the future. From left to right: Mary Thompson-Alstede, Rebekah A. Alstede, Kurt W. Alstede, Sarah J. Alstede. 

 Alstede Farms grows over 250 varieties of fruits and vegetables on over 400 acres. Farmer Kurt W. Alstede inspects the upcoming strawberry crops. 

Farmer Kurt W. Alstede poses with one of the fifty varieties of apples grown on his farm. High bush blueberries are also grown on the farm and are open for guest visitors to pick their own in season. 

The entire Alstede Family is dedicated to providing families with opportunities to learn how food is grown while providing memorable farm experiences.