On the Road to Joel Rand.

On the Road to Joel Rand.

February 15, 2024 0 By Ray Bohacz

While attending high school in suburban Des Moines, Iowa, young Joel set his sights on a career in medicine; and the likely path was becoming a doctor. As is often the case, the path to the future is littered with conflicts and compromise.

In Joel’s case, it was the siren’s song of the summers and weekends spent working alongside his grandfather on the farm where his mother was raised. Those memories muddied and complicated things.

Please join me in hearing how Joel found what many may consider a perfect balance. His days are now spent in the operating room, his evenings and weekends in the seat of a John Deere tractor, making round bales on his family’s productive cattle farm.

Joel operating his John Deere and brother, Nathan, on the family farm.

Amber & Joel – thirty years of happiness and their 2023 Christmas greeting from the Cayman Islands

Pets Hopper (left) and Toasty (right). Hopper limped to the Rand residence over 15 years ago and Toasty (6yrs) was rescued from the streets of Arkansas.