On the Road to Jeffrey Mondell.

On the Road to Jeffrey Mondell.

April 27, 2023 3 By Ray Bohacz

Last summer an inmate in the NJ State Prison System wrote a letter to my “Ask Ray” column in Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine. 

He closed the note by asking me not to think poorly of him being incarcerated. He said that no one was hurt during his crime, nor was it his intent for that to happen. 

He hopes to one day be able to help others from throwing their life away with a poor decision.  

We became friends (though we never met), yet I learned this man’s heart. 

This episode was recorded over the telephone from Jeff’s prison cell. 

Please listen to Jeff’s heartfelt story told in his own voice. His sincere desire is to stop someone that is on the wrong path from ending up in prison. The way he hopes to accomplish this is to represent all that he gave up by being incarcerated.